How to change my Screen Saver in Windows 10

There are a lot of beginner Windows 10 users who struggle to find certain settings from within Windows OS and changing the screensaver is one of them.

Going from Windows 7 to Windows 10 has been a huge change in function and appearance. This is is why it can be confusing to navigate, especially for folks who are not computer savvy.

Desktop Support Tip, How to install software when user does not have admin privileges

Installing software when user is logged in to the computer can be challenging and sometimes impossible depending on computer or account restrictions… However, there are is a way around it if you have administrator privileges yourself. This video talks about how to install software when user with limited access is currently logged on and using the computer.

The point is the minimize production impact by not having user log off and back on after your complete the install.

TOP 20 Software Engineer Programming Interview Questions and Answers

This is a video designed to help out software developers or programmers with Interview Questions and Answers.

All questions are in random difficulty order and do not represent the exact questions that might be asked during an interview.

For Most Common Interview Questions go here.


Web Development is highly popular career choice among tech savvy people like us. As web developer, you will come across many different issues that will require critical thinking and data analysis to resolve.

This video talks about some of the most common interview questions with answers, that you may experience during your job hunting adventures.

Desktop Support is the Best place to Start your IT career

There is no doubt in my mind that Desktop Support is the Best place to Start your IT career. The reason for that is related to level of knowledge require to do this job.

Even if you don’t have official education related to IT, you can still learn by training at the work place with basic knowledge in hand.

This video is meant to be motivational and as such it should give you that extra push to realize that just about anyone can work in Desktop Support.