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Old Internet versus New Internet

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There is so much difference between old internet speeds and today standards… Starting from hardware to means of connecting, everything has changed for better. This video compares old tech and speed vs new and what it means to us.

TOP 20 – Most Common Desktop PC Support Issues and Solutions Final Version


Hello everyone, thank you so much for joining me on this fun and educational video. What comes next are some of the most common desktop support issues that you can expect to encounter during your tech support adventures. All issues…

My old Computer…


This is my old computer and the reason I wanted to make this video is that I kind of wanted to go through a memory lane with you guys. This was my very first computer and I’m pretty sure it…

” The Forgotten Ones ” Science Fiction Short Story


This is an audio book that I’ve created for fun called The Forgotten Ones. It seems to be fairly popular on Youtube.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

I have an issue with my computer and missing files.


Sometimes, we get these trouble tickets that are very vague and you simply don’t know what is going on until you speak with the user. The problem lies with the fact that user didn’t provide enough information in order to…

I need this issue fixed/resolved immediately! My computer..


Me: Hello, I have your ticket about this software issue. Me: Just wanted to let you know that I’m working on this as fast as possible. User: Okay, ty. Me: Unfortunately, the information you’ve provided is not accurate. Can you…

Hello Friend! On second thought, I’ll pass.


When speaking to friends or coworkers we tend to open up and start talking about things of personal nature that you entrust without a second thought. This type of conversational habit is easy to get trapped into because before you…

To be honest, I’ve lied before, a weird article.


This could be considered a flaw; however, by default I choose to trust new people I meet because it makes the conversations less uptight. Sometimes we just don’t have any idea if someone is being truthful and this does not…