Desktop Support Tip, How to install software when user does not have admin privileges

Installing software when user is logged in to the computer can be challenging and sometimes impossible depending on computer or account restrictions… However, there are is a way around it if you have administrator privileges yourself. This video talks about how to install software when user with limited access is currently logged on and using the computer.

The point is the minimize production impact by not having user log off and back on after your complete the install.

Desktop Support is the Best place to Start your IT career

There is no doubt in my mind that Desktop Support is the Best place to Start your IT career. The reason for that is related to level of knowledge require to do this job.

Even if you don’t have official education related to IT, you can still learn by training at the work place with basic knowledge in hand.

This video is meant to be motivational and as such it should give you that extra push to realize that just about anyone can work in Desktop Support.


This a combined refresher course video for Desktop Support. Network Administration, Systems Administration and Help Desk.

If you’d like to test your knowledge in all of these fields, this is a really good video to watch. By refreshing your knowledge, you become more productive and of course, more valuable to your employer.

How to Write a Resume for IT, Desktop Support, Network Administration, System Administration

My friends, this is a really good video on how to create an IT Resume.

In this video I will provide details on each and important aspects required for a good, clean resume.

Most employers do not spend more than a few seconds reading resumes and this is why it’s so important to have the right information presented accordingly.

Desktop Support Basics on How to Rebuild Local Profile and Why

Corrupted profiles, random application crashes, weird cache configurations…these are just some of the reasons why you’d want to rebuild a local profile.

In this video I will teach you the safe and professional way of doing this.

When it comes to local profiles we must take extra time in order to not loose any user data.

Desktop Support Basic Internet Explorer Troubleshooting Method

Sometimes issues are resolved by simple Internet Explorer troubleshooting and this video will show you how to go about some of the most likely causes for websites not working properly.

If you don’t have time to figure out exactly what caused an issue… working on IE may get there much faster.