I want to work in IT but don’t have the knowledge or confidence to do so

This is a motivational video on how to get an IT job. A lot us may not have the confidence or think that we don’t posses knowledge to work in IT field… These are the mainĀ  issues preventing us from doing our dream jobs.

OBS settings for recording on slow computer

If you are like me, you enjoy making video tutorials, live stream or anything related to recording your screen; this video will help you configure OBS.

Occasionally, I record videos on my slow laptop and it took me a bit to figure out the best configuration options related to OBS. Open Broadcast Software is free and probably the best recording and live streaming program available.

How to change my Screen Saver in Windows 10

There are a lot of beginner Windows 10 users who struggle to find certain settings from within Windows OS and changing the screensaver is one of them.

Going from Windows 7 to Windows 10 has been a huge change in function and appearance. This is is why it can be confusing to navigate, especially for folks who are not computer savvy.

How to Get an IT Job Without Experience Guide

A lot of times we don’t accomplish some things in life because of not having the confidence to do so; same applies when it comes to getting an IT job without experience.

This video talks about how important is to make an effort towards your IT career in order to start on the right path.

Oracle VirtualBox Setup and Configuration

Have you ever wanted to experiment with another OS? You can do so with Oracle VirtualBox software.

In this video I will show you how to install and configure this Virtual PC software.

This is especially good for those who like to experiment with Linux or Server Operating Systems because you don’t need to have a separate machine dedicated for this operation.