This is video is about Top Interview Questions and Answers. Unlike my other videos, this one does not contain any IT Tech support questions. If you are interested in those… please check out my other posts that have Desktop Support, Network Admin, Sys Admin, Help Desk and many more…

All interview questions are in random order and will vary from situation to situation. Some questions will pertain to your specific experience.

My old Computer…

This is my old computer and the reason I wanted to make this video is that I kind of wanted to go through a memory lane with you guys. This was my very first computer and I’m pretty sure it still works. This thing was really solid like especially when it had windows 95 installed on it. It was really fast, really good and it was really expensive actually. At the time, I think it was the late 90s when we bought this PC, when we came to this country.

I have an issue with my computer and missing files.

Sometimes, we get these trouble tickets that are very vague and you simply don’t know what is going on until you speak with the user. The problem lies with the fact that user didn’t provide enough information in order to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

Another problem is that users sometimes speak of missing files/data that they simply cannot find on their own… This is not a computer problem, this is a user problem. Laziness and sometimes lack of proper training leads to huge waste of time. In the nutshell this becomes a production impacting situation for IT department.

Let’s go back to laziness…some users are used to having IT people guide them in every step of the way, when it comes to simple tasks like navigation. Again, not a problem with PC, but with user.

You would not believe on how many times I’ve had a person in random positions not know how to navigate through windows.

For example; Me: “Can you please select X button to close the windows?” User: “Where is that?”.

I need this issue fixed/resolved immediately! My computer..

Me: Hello, I have your ticket about this software issue.

Me: Just wanted to let you know that I’m working on this as fast as possible.

User: Okay, ty.

Me: Unfortunately, the information you’ve provided is not accurate. Can you please confirm the computer name…

User: “sends the correct pc name”

Me: Thank you, I found the problem. It will be fixed shortly.

2min later…

Me: Your software should work now. Please check and let me know if everything is okay.

User: I am doing something else now… I will check later…

Many hours later still no reply. Must have not been so important that it required immediate attention. These types of requests happen all the time. “I need this done immediately!” “I need this done ASAP!”.

How do you deal with such situations?

The simple answer is you don’t… Your part is done, move on.

Just let it go and go about your day as if nothing happened.

We don’t fix people, we fix computers. 🙂

Hello Friend! On second thought, I’ll pass.

When speaking to friends or coworkers we tend to open up and start talking about things of personal nature that you entrust without a second thought. This type of conversational habit is easy to get trapped into because before you even realize it you’ve suddenly opened up and spilled your guts.

Now, you have shared some personal info to this now friend and probably expect the same in return…

Some time has gone by and your new friend is really good at listening but something seems a bit off… This entire time this person has not shared much information and if they did share something personal, it was nothing specific and withheld. At this point this person knows a lot more about you than you of them…

What is wrong?

Am I not cool enough to be your friend?

You may asking or wondering these questions. The truth is we will never know what this person is thinking unless we push really hard to get answers. In the end, it is not worth it to even bother because it will make you question yourself in a negative way, while this person simply does not care.

Everything comes down to compatibly and some passion in a platonic way. Sure, we want to have many friends that will understand and care for us; however, one sided relationships are not healthy in my opinion.

Move on.

To be honest, I’ve lied before, a weird article.

This could be considered a flaw; however, by default I choose to trust new people I meet because it makes the conversations less uptight.

Sometimes we just don’t have any idea if someone is being truthful and this does not become apparent until you start noticing a certain pattern in the way some people talk.

How many times have you heard someone say “To be honest…”? Funny thing is; to me, this means you’ve been lying for most of conversations with me. 🙂

Let’s say our friend’s name is “Larry”.

Me: Hello Larry! How are you?

Larry: I’m great! How are you?

Me: I’m fine, Thanks!

Me: How was your weekend? Did you do anything cool?

Larry: Yes, I went fishing with my son at the local lake and caught 5 large catfish.

Me: Oh, that is awesome! Did you eat them?

Larry: To be honest, they weren’t that big, so we let them go.

Talking about fish size is a white lie, but how far back does this go? Think about other things that Larry has talked about. Lying becomes a bad habit that can be hard to get rid of and until that happens, “To be honest” will be something you don’t see coming.