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A+ TEST Your Knowledge. Do you have what it takes to get a perfect score?

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I hope you like this fun quiz. Especially if you are intersted in what kind of questions to expect when working on A+ Certification.

In total there are 20 questions and with multiple answers. Ask you friends if they can do better. hehe.

Good luck my friends!

How many bits in a byte?
How many bytes are there in a kilobyte?
Beep codes are generated by which of the following?
What is the main advantage of selecting 64bit OS over 32bit OS?
You have turned off the printer for maintenance... What should you be careful of when handling the fuser?
80mm and 120mm are common sized of what PC component?
On a laptop, which of the following would most likely be a pointing device?
What is the maximum distance at which class 2 Bluetooth device can receive signal from?
Which type of cable has only two twister pairs?
Which power connector can be used by a hard drive?
Which of the following tools can a person use to test an AC outlet?
Which of the following devices are least likely to be replaced on a laptop?
Why would a display on a laptop get dimmer when disconnected from AC adapter?
Which of the following form factors does VGA connector comply with?
Which type of memory is user-replaceable?
In current motherboards, which memory bus width can be achieved with dual channel memory setup?
Changing the speed of CPU beyond normal operating range is called what?
What is the PC equivalent of FireWire?
Which device can store maximum of 1.44mb on a removal disk?
Which device limits network broadcasts, segments IP Address ranges, and interconnects different physical media?
A+ TEST Your Knowledge. Do you have what it takes to get a perfect score?
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