I have an issue with my computer and missing files.

I have an issue with my computer and missing files.
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Sometimes, we get these trouble tickets that are very vague and you simply don’t know what is going on until you speak with the user. The problem lies with the fact that user didn’t provide enough information in order to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

Another problem is that users sometimes speak of missing files/data that they simply cannot find on their own… This is not a computer problem, this is a user problem. Laziness and sometimes lack of proper training leads to huge waste of time. In the nutshell this becomes a production impacting situation for IT department.

Let’s go back to laziness…some users are used to having IT people guide them in every step of the way, when it comes to simple tasks like navigation. Again, not a problem with PC, but with user.

You would not believe on how many times I’ve had a person in random positions not know how to navigate through windows.

For example; Me: “Can you please select X button to close the windows?” User: “Where is that?”.

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