Hello Friend! On second thought, I’ll pass.

Hello Friend! On second thought, I'll pass.
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When speaking to friends or coworkers we tend to open up and start talking about things of personal nature that you entrust without a second thought. This type of conversational habit is easy to get trapped into because before you even realize it you’ve suddenly opened up and spilled your guts.

Now, you have shared some personal info to this now friend and probably expect the same in return…

Some time has gone by and your new friend is really good at listening but something seems a bit off… This entire time this person has not shared much information and if they did share something personal, it was nothing specific and withheld. At this point this person knows a lot more about you than you of them…

What is wrong?

Am I not cool enough to be your friend?

You may asking or wondering these questions. The truth is we will never know what this person is thinking unless we push really hard to get answers. In the end, it is not worth it to even bother because it will make you question yourself in a negative way, while this person simply does not care.

Everything comes down to compatibly and some passion in a platonic way. Sure, we want to have many friends that will understand and care for us; however, one sided relationships are not healthy in my opinion.

Move on.

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