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Super simple explanation of DNS.

DNS stands for Domain Name System, but this sounds too complicated. Lets do a quick break down of what it does.

“D” is your Domain, also know as the web address. My website address Domain Name “N” is “cobuman.com”.

The System “S” tells everyone else where my website is located on the internet using an IP Address ( .

This includes all computers, networks, and peripherals connected to the internet.

Now everyone knows how to find my website.


What would this code show in the console?


This code shows Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier


We have two assignments in the IIFE:

b = 5;


var a = b;


a is a local variable because it is declared using var.

b is declared without the var and should’ve been visible from a global scope.


But we are using the strict mode, therefore b doesn’t need to be assigned to the global scope.

What would be the output of the code? Explain your answer.


Global scope = 1

Scope a = 2

Scope b = undefined

Global scope after launching function a() = 1


In the first log line x is obviously 1 because it was assigned 1 globally at the line var x = 1;

In the second line x is 2 because it is reassigned inside the function a()

Inside the function b() x is undefined, because it was declared but without any value.

At the fourth line the x is still 1 because local (functions’) scope doesn’t change the global scope.