Proxy is blocking Internet access. How and Why?

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My work is blocking access to a lot of websites I like… For example; facebook, twitter, and any other social media websites. Not only that, any other platform with personal email access (gmail, yahoo mail and etc.). Why is that?

Well, the first reason is obvious… Your employer wants you to spend time working and not doing other fun stuff.

But, you still keep trying, don’t you? 🙂

Second reason is security and we can all understand that your company does not wish to leak any proprietary information to the outside world. After all, some of the information is highly confidential and can also cause harm to your customers.

Enough about the reason why; what we want to know is how… and what is this proxy thing?

Proxy is a filter that blocks access to any website of choosing.

Let’s have some fun with this explanation…


In this role-playing scenario we have three characters. These are the names: Your Computer, Officer Proxy and Facebook.


One day, Your Computer goes for a drive on local network to see his best friend Facebook but suddenly gets pulled over by a cop.

Your Computer: Hello Officer Proxy, did I do something wrong?

Officer Proxy: Not yet! Where are you headed?

Your Computer: I am on my way to visit my friend Facebook, she just had a baby and there are pictures.

Officer Proxy: Well, that sounds nice, but I need to do some verification before you can cross the border between this network and Facebook‘s network. Facebook‘s area is pretty dangerous and unless you have the proper reason for visiting I’m afraid you can’t go any further.

Your Computer: But Officer Proxy! Facebook‘s area is just fine! I go there all the time! She has many pictures and other stuff that is perfectly safe. All my friends visit Facebook all the time.

Office Proxy: I hate to tell you, but you are just a low level Computer with limited permission to travel. You cannot visit Facebook… Here! Look at this warning! “Not safe for work”. Have a nice day.

A sad story indeed… Now we know what proxy is and why companies don’t let their employees access certain areas of the internet. 

Let’s see an example of how proxy is implemented on your computer. This example refers to settings within Internet Explorer only.

With IE open, follow to the right top side and select tools menu. It looks like a sprocket.

IE tools menu
IE tools menu

Once you click on tools menu, select Internet Options menu.

Internet Options IE
Internet Options IE

When pop-up comes up, select the Connections Tab.

Connections tab in IE
Connections tab in IE

Inside the Connections tab, go down and select LAN Settings.

Lan settings in IE
Lan settings in IE

Next and final window shows the settings for the Proxy Server and its location.

Proxy settings in IE
Proxy settings in IE

WARNING! If you make changes to this setting you may break it and loose access to all websites, not just internet. Just be careful. 🙂

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