I can’t login to my computer

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This issue can be caused and resolved by many different ways depending on whether this is your home or work computer. Below are just some common reason to why you can’t login to your computer.

  1. Forgot password.
    This happens to all of us. Possible solution is the try another variation of the passwords. For example, use of capital words, numbers or symbols in place of letters. password: letmein1, Letmein1, lEtmein1, letmeinone. letmein0ne.
    In a business environment you have the help desk assist you with this issue.
  2. Forgot Login name.
    With Microsoft Windows the login screen will have a hint if you forget a password, however it will not have the hint for login name. In this case think of previously used login names and try a variation of those. Look around your desk and see if anything was written down.
    In a business environment you have the Help Desk assist you with this issue.
  3. Login Account locked. 
    This issue is typically found in a business environment in which can your help desk or local IT should be able to assist. The big problem is that once you try a wrong password too many times it will lock you out; no further action is allowed. I’ve never seen this issue come up in a home environment.
  4. Computer is not connected to your Domain.
    In order for you to login you must be connected to local network.
    Local network is connected to Domain Controller.
    You are not able to login to your computer because your login profile is assigned by a Domain Controller/Active Directory. and must have connection in order to authenticate your credentials (name and password). This is assuming that your credentials are part of this domain.
    The reason why your computer is not connected to Domain could be physical/cable, your computer is not part of this Domain.Above are just a few reasons why you can’t login to your computer. Many other reason are possible and to be considered. 

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